Question: How do you tell if hes a serial monogamist?

What makes someone a serial monogamist?

On the most basic level, a serial monogamist is, as Urban Dictionary puts it, “one who spends as little time as possible being single, moving from the end of one relationship to the beginning of a new relationship as quickly as possible.” So a serial monogamist is someone who values being faithful to their partner, but

How do you get past a serial monogamist?

How To Stop Being A Serial MonogamistHow To Stop Being A Serial Monogamist. It can be easy to fall into the trap of serial monogamy, convincing yourself that the next relationship will somehow be magically different. Reconnect with your friends. Spend time pursuing your passions. Focus on your work. Travel.More items •Jan 9, 2020

Why is serial monogamy increasing?

Evolutionary theory predicts that males seek more sexual partners than females because of their higher fitness benefits from such a reproductive strategy. Accordingly, variance in numbers of partners and offspring is expected to be greater and association between mating and reproductive success to be stronger in males.

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