Question: How do I marry a Hungarian?

For a couple to get married in Hungary, one of the couple has to be a Hungarian resident, the status of which should be at least 30 days, before marriage may be permitted. Couples that wish to get married must visit the local registry office where they wish to get married so that they can apply for and obtain a permit.

Can you become a Hungarian citizen by marriage?

You can apply for Hungarian citizenship if you have been married to a Hungarian citizen for at least 10 years. If you have had at least one child together, you can apply already after 5 years of marriage. Having a Hungarian permanent address is not even a requirement.

How hard is it to get a Hungarian passport?

Currently you cannot get Hungarian citizenship through investment. If you are looking for Hungarian citizenship, you have to go through the naturalization process, which requires 1-8 years, depending on your circumstances.

How much does Hungarian citizenship cost?

It all costs just over $100 to apply and get your Hungarian citizenship.

Do you need to speak Hungarian to get a Hungarian passport?

You can apply for the verification of your Hungarian citizenship. It is irrelevant whether you speak Hungarian or not. If your Hungarian ancestor emigrated from Hungary before September 1, 1929, it is likely that his or her descendants were not born Hungarian citizens. You may be naturalized if you speak Hungarian.

Who qualifies for a Hungarian passport?

Persons may apply to be naturalized as a Hungarian citizen after 8 years continuous residence in Hungary if they:have no criminal past at all,have a stable livelihood,are of good character, and.pass a test in basic constitutional studies.

Can I buy Hungarian citizenship?

Citizenship by investment in Hungary is no longer possible. A fast track investor program granting a five year residence permit to applicants investing €300,000 in government bonds. The capital was returned in full after 5 years with no return.

How much does it cost to get Hungarian citizenship?

It all costs just over $100 to apply and get your Hungarian citizenship.

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