Question: Where should I not live in Charleston SC?

What is the best area of Charleston SC to live?

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Charleston, SCGrimball Gates. Grimball Gates has the quintessential Lowcountry appeal. Downtown. Harleston Village. Stiles Point. West Ashley. Summerville. Mount Pleasant. Kiawah Island.More items

Where should I move in Charleston SC?

If youre wondering where to live in Charleston, S.C., here are some of the best neighborhoods:Mount Pleasant. Summerville. The Islands. Downtown. West Ashley. Moncks Corner.Dec 26, 2019

What are the nicest areas of Charleston?

Best Neighborhoods in CharlestonMount Pleasant. To kick off our list of the best neighborhoods in the Charleston area, well start with none other than the booming town of Mount Pleasant. South of Broad. Sullivans Island. Harleston Village. James Island. Folly Beach. West Ashley.12 Mar 2021

Is it worth moving to Charleston?

The local economy in Charleston is strong too, which bodes well for job market growth in Charleston. As of 2019, Charleston was voted the best city in America for nine years in a row by Travel & Leisure. Charleston is up for the award again in 2020 so its no surprise that so many people want to move to the Lowcountry!

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