Question: Is Eva Longoria single?

What baseball player did Eva Longoria date?

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker were married for three years before the actress filed for divorce. The former couple -- who married on July 7, 2007 -- married in a spectacular ceremony held at a 17th century Parisian castle.

Who did Ryan Gosling marry?

Eva Mendes (2011–) Ryan Gosling/Partner

Who does Eva Longoria date?

Eva LongoriaOccupationActress producerYears active1999–presentSpouse(s)Tyler Christopher ​ ​ ( m. 2002; div. 2004)​ Tony Parker ​ ​ ( m. 2007; div. 2011)​ José Bastón ​ ( m. 2016)​Children14 more rows

Is Tony Parker married?

Eva Longoriam. 2007–2011 Tony Parker/Spouse

Who is Tony Parker married to?

Eva Longoriam. 2007–2011 Tony Parker/Spouse

Why did Rachel Mcadams and Ryan break up?

But why did they decide to end things? According to Gosling, their mutual stardom became too much for the relationship to handle. Because they were both so famous at the time, they both seemed to neglect their relationship in favor of their acting careers.

Who is Rachel mcadams married to?

Jamie Linden (2016–) Rachel McAdams/Partner

Where does Eva Longoria currently live?

Eva Longoria lives in a sprawling estate in Beverly Hills, but after seeing photos of the home, youll be wondering how it isnt a grand hotel! The Desperate Housewives star resides in a swanky house in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood with her husband, José Bastón, and their son, Santiago.

Who is Doras crush?

Pablo had one thing in common with Alana; they both love to play soccer. In Magical Mermaid Adventure, Pablo develops a one-sided crush on Mariana the Mermaid.

How old is Eva Longoria?

46 years (March 15, 1975) Eva Longoria/Age

Who is Tony Parker seeing now?

Tony Parker and Alize Lim are an item. The new couple made their romance Instagram official with cozy new photos. The Spurs legend, 38, was first to make the relationship public, having shared a pair of photos with the French tennis star late last month.

How old is Ginobili?

44 years (July 28, 1977) Manu Ginóbili/Age

Is Tim Duncan married?

Amy Duncanm. 2001–2013 Tim Duncan/Spouse

What is Tim Duncan doing now?

The greatest power forward of all time in the NBA as considered by most NBA fans, Tim Duncan is an American professional basketball coach and former player. Currently, he serves as an assistant coach for NBAs San Antonio Spurs, where he had spent his entire career as a player.

How old was Eva Longoria Desperate Housewives?

Born on March 15, 1975, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Eva was 29 years old when the pilot episode aired on October 3, 2004. She turned 30 on March 15, 2005. “Finishing the Hat,” the 180th episode and the second part of the two-hour series finale of the ABC television series Desperate Housewives, aired on May 13, 2012.

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