Question: How do you make your best guy friend fall in love with you?

How do you make your guy friend fall in love with you?

If youre crushing on your guy pal, there are tons of ways to make him want you as more than a friend. Try subtly flirting during interactions. Work on spending quality time with him to strengthen your bond. When you feel ready, ask him out.

How do I impress my best guy friend?

Flirt with him.Continue to be the same funny, good-humored girl that he has always known you to be, but be just a little more sexy and flirtatious.Increase physical contact with him, such as giving him longer hugs than usual, and touch his arm while youre talking.More items

How do you know if your best guy friend is in love with you?

Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 14 Signs Hes Totally Into You As More Than A FriendHe starts inviting you to hang more than usual. Hes making long-term plans with you. Hes started touching you more when youre together. You feel sexual tension every time you touch.More items •Mar 17, 2019

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