Question: Who is a minor in Maine?

The common law rule that a person is a minor to the age of 20 is abrogated and persons 18 years of age or over are declared to be of majority for all purposes. [PL 1971, c. 598, §8 (AMD).]

Who is classified as a minor?

The term minor is mostly used in civil or criminal codes, describing all children below 18 years. Fourteen Member States define the term minor in their civil code, with each referring to children aged from 0–18 years. In some Member States, the criminal code refers to an age range of 14–18 years.

How old is a minor in the Philippines?

18 years old A minor Filipino child (age below 18 years old) travelling outside of the Philippines not accompanied by a parent is required to have a travel clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

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