Question: Who is Sabrina Bryan married to?

In April 2017, Bryan became engaged to strategic accounts manager Jordan Lundberg after six years of dating. They were married on October 6, 2018.

Is Sabrina Bryan mixed?

Sabrina Bryan from the popular trio The Cheetah Girls is of Hispanic descent! Sabrinas father Alfred, who is 60, is of Mexican-Spaniard descent and her mother Kathy, 57, is American of German and Cherokee heritage.

What does Sabrina Bryan do now?

Bryan showed off her moves on ABCs Dancing With the Stars twice — in 2007 with Mark Ballas and in 2012 with Louis van Amstel. She continued her Disney Channel career on Fish Hooks from 2010 to 2012, voicing the character Pamela Hamster. Her latest acting work was in A Deadly Dance (2019) as Kate.

Does Sabrina Bryan have a child?

On Aug. 31, Sabrina and her husband Jordan Lundberg welcomed their first child, a baby girl who they named Comillia Monroe, who the parents call Monroe. Two weeks later, however, Monroe suffered a health crisis, the actress told People on Dec. 22.

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