Question: Is June still dating Geno?

Distractify writes that as of 2021, Mama June and Geno are still together. Mama June caused a stir on the internet when a TikTok star called @jays_worldd met up with the reality TV star in August 2021, however, the pair are seemingly just friends.

Is Geno and June still together?

8/16/2021 2:36 PM PT Mama June has split from Geno Doak, the man she was arrested with for crack cocaine possession a couple years back, and she says hes been out of her life for awhile now.

Who is Junes boyfriend Geno?

Mama June Shannons boyfriend, Eugene Edward Geno Doak, has been sentenced to 16 months for a crack cocaine case in Alabama. According to court docs obtained by ET on Thursday, Geno was sentenced in Macon Community Corrections after copping a plea deal.

Is Geno going to jail in 2021?

According to court records, Geno, 45, was admitted into the Alabama prison system on July 29, and was given a release date of November 28, 2022. Genos sentence will be served through the Community Corrections Program based out of Macon county.

Does Momma June go to jail?

As for Mama June, the “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star pleaded not guilty in Oct. 2019 and was ultimately sentenced to 100 hours of community service. She also agreed to several provisions to avoid jail time, including remaining sober. Reps for Mama June Shannon did not immediately return our request for comment.

Is Mama June still married?

Though her kids previously spoke out about how they think Geno isnt a good influence on their mom, Mama June is still with him. The two have now been together for more than five years (they began dating within a year of her split from Sugar Bear). Their relationship has been fraught with drama over the years.

Whats happened to Mama June?

She was apprehended by authorities in Macon County, Ala. after getting into an argument with boyfriend Geno Doak. The arrest happened amid an estrangement from her daughters, but June has since gotten her life back on track. Shes now returning to reality television with over a year of sobriety under her belt.

Does Mama June have any money left?

Now fans see her attempting a reconciliation with her family in Road to Redemption. No wonder Pumpkin feels a bit skeptical about her moms intentions. The outlet notes that these days, after receiving some money for each episode filmed for Road to Redemption, Mama June boasts a net worth of about $50,000 in 2021.

How much is Mama June worth right now?

To be exact, Celebrity Net Worth reported that as of 2020, the 41-year-old We TV star has an estimated net worth of $50,000, which is a lot less than her youngest daughters.

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