Question: Why are coins dated?

Dates on coins are, beyond its use for quality control purposes, markers of time and important persons and events. E.g. regnal years - years of reign - were used on some coins to show the progress of a reign. Not surprisingly, archaeologists find coins of great value, especially coins with dates.

What does the date mean on a coin?

Susan Headley. Updated 08/12/19. Heritage Auction Galleries. A key date coin is a coin that is usually the last coin purchased for a coin collection because the date or the date and mint mark combination are exceptionally rare or hard to find.

What is the rarest date on a penny?

1877 Indian Head Penny This is the rarest date of all the Indian Head pennies ever minted. In 1877, the economic slump that began in 1873 continued with full force. Demand for United States coinage was at an all-time low, and families struggled to make ends meet.

At what age do pennies become valuable?

Lincoln pennies that were minted between 1959 and 1982 tend to be worth more since they are almost 100 percent copper, rather than an alloy.

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