Question: What does a bike serial number tell you?

What does a bicycle serial number mean, you ask? Its a form of identification much like a fingerprint that tells you which of the thousands of the same bike is yours. It also helps the manufacturer in terms of inventory, and the repair shop in finding suitable parts that need replacement in your bicycle.

What can I do with a bike serial number?

You use the serial number to register your bike with the various registration schemes such as Bike Index, Bike Register and Project 529. If the police recover your bike, theyll use the serial number to link it to you. And its the serial number that will prove to anyone that the bike is definitively yours.

Is it OK to give out bike serial number?

giving out the serial number makes it easier for the buyer to find out more information on the bike. This is not like giving out your social security number, its a bike. If someone wont give me the serial number I would probably not be interested.

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